Katzkin Auto Installs

Katzkin Auto Installs

Quality auto upholstery can be hard to find. If you want that new-car vibe from your trusted daily driver, look no further than The Option and Katzkin Interiors.

With Katzkin, you can easily swap out your tired cloth seats for luxurious premium leather interiors. We offer luxury interiors for over 2,500 vehicles, covering most vehicles on the road today. Whatever your dream interior is, Katzkin can help deliver it to your existing vehicle.

As and authorized Katzkin dealer in Tucson, Arizona, The Option can make your dream of luxury interiors a reality.

Katzkin: The Solution to the Luxury, Style, and Comfort in Your Seat

Katzkin seat covers are made to look just like your original upholstery–but better. Now, you can enjoy the luxury, style, and comfort of a premium interior without compromising the look and feel of your vehicle. Katzkin manufactures custom leather seats tailored to specific vehicles for a perfect fit, every time.

Katzkin’s unique process has evolved through years of dedication and innovation, all while paying attention to the needs of your pocketbook. Katzkin’s state-of-the-art workmanship also makes for an easy installation process–saving you even more money in labor costs.

Katzkin leather seats are breathable and easy to keep clean. In addition, their leather will not crack or peel after time, allowing for a longer lifespan than most other auto upholstery.

Love Your Drive with The Option and Katzkin Automotive Leather.

The Option – Certified Katzkin Dealers

The Option is one of few certified Katzkin dealers in the Tucson area. Katzkin trains our technicians regularly to their stringent requirements. Outfitted with all the equipment, tools, and electronics necessary, we provide a service that might be even better than the original factory-fit installation. With many years of experience, our technicians have worked on hundreds of Katzkin builds and are highly skilled in working with the craftsmanship of Katzkin products.

Katzkin’s installation process is the safest and most successful on the market, ensuring a quality fitment for your car seats. Katzkin also backs up all their work with a 3-year warranty, and we also offer a 3-year warranty on Katzkin builds.

As certified Katzkin dealers, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our customers. Our goal is to provide a luxurious interior that you can enjoy with style and comfort. We make your luxury upgrade worth every penny with premium, stylish, and durable Katzkin premium leather products.

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